Stone Fruit Season

Jul 18, 2023

Stone Fruit Season

Summer is finally in full swing, and I'm committed to squeezing every delicious drop out of the season. Joe and I have been shopping at the farmers' market on Clement Street every weekend, and it's astonishing to see how much the variety of produce has exploded in the last few weeks. Suddenly, there are summer squashes in every shape and perfectly ripe tomatoes!

Yet, this season's bounty of stone fruit is mind-blowing. Cherries, apricots, nectarines, and peaches in every hue abound, adding a perfectly sweet touch to the air. There is nothing quite like the first ripe peach of the season that demands slurping it over the sink, and my friend Sally is likely in her glory as she makes her array of summer jams.

Meanwhile, I savor sweet and tangy combos, like stone fruit salsa. Salsas are the quintessential answer to steamy summer days, and add a refreshing kick to salty tortilla chips and just about anything you want to throw on the grill. For a change of pace, try making a sauce made from ripe fruit and spicy mustard, like Northern Italians have done for centuries. It is simple to prepare and pairs beautifully with roast duck, grilled chicken, or a simple cheese wedge. For my canning friends, preserved jars of this condiment would be a lovely holiday gift.

Additionally, stone fruits make the perfect addition to a salad. I bet that a Panzanella salad made with leftover focaccia, grilled peaches, chevre, basil, and a simple vinaigrette would be incredible! Or maybe I'll try Ali Slagle's recipe for a Stone Fruit Caprese that she posted in the New York Times? And I shouldn't forget the crisp flatbread topped with an arugula, cherry, and pistachio salad featured in my book, Kitchen Gypsy!

Now that I'm craving roasted and salted pistachios, what to drink? I'm going for sangria with white peaches and ginger!  It's effortless to make, yet that can be our little secret. For the finale? Potential desserts have no end, yet I'm leaning toward a rustic galette featuring a harvest of cherries and apricots.  So, whether you plan to visit your local farmer's market or are lucky enough to have your own fruit trees, here are some recipes to inspire you this summer:

Happy cooking!



Here's a pro tip: 

In our house, these fruits are eaten just as fast as they turn ripe, yet one big piece of advice—please do not store your nectarines, peaches, and other drupes in the fridge!

Cherries aside, refrigeration will change their texture and make them dry and flavorless. Put them on the counter and let nature take her course. If they begin to ripen faster than you can eat them, you can always make jam, mostarda, a crisp, or a big pitcher of sangria to share with neighbors!