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Walnut Bread Toasts with Blue Cheese and Figs

Walnut Bread Toasts with Blue Cheese and Figs

This is the kind of recipe my students always ask me for—easy to make and delivers great results.  Here in San Francisco, we can always find Acme's walnut loaf, which is perfect for this recipe. The flavor of savory nut bread with the tangy blue cheese are a perfect balance to the sweet figs!

Serves 6

Wine suggestion: Sauternes



18 small triangles of walnut bread, toasted 
6 ounces triple crème blue cheese, room temperature
6 fresh, ripe figs, thinly sliced
¼ cup melted fig jam
Fresh thyme flowers


Spread the blue cheese onto the toasted walnut bread, spreading evenly. Place a slice of fig onto the top and brush the fresh fig with fig jam. Garnish with a single thyme flower.